Children’s Classes


Room 107 PDO Hallway

Sunday school is our opportunity to introduce our children to the Bible and Jesus. Our lessons focus on stories from the Bible. Other times we will focus on a particular topic or theme. By introducing our children to the Bible and Jesus, we are preparing them to learn about worship and prayer.

Elementary Age

Room 101 PDO Hallway

We pray together before class. These children were toddlers together and recently moved up to a new room and left their pre-school room and toys behind. During Sunday School our class lessons follow the scripture used in worship. When the class goes to worship, they will be familiar with scripture and ready to note Pastor Morrow’s spotlighted words. We hope to discover many ways to support our community.

Adult Classes


Fellowship Hall

 The Lamplighter Class is a warm, welcoming group of adults who meet every Sunday to read and discuss the meaning and authority of the Bible for our daily Christian lives. We rotate leadership as we use the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies to guide us through the entire Bible. Visitors are always welcome! Extra books, donuts, and coffee are always on hand.

Friends & Followers

Room 209

The Friends and Followers Class is a growing and dynamic group of those over age 18 and those young-at-heart that comes together to follow Christ and to strengthen and deepen our understanding of Christ’s teachings. Friends and Followers enjoys both scripture-based discussion-lead books and video series, along with thought-provoking studies pertaining to Christian living within today’s world. We challenge each other to know and love God in new ways each day, and we serve together to support our church and perform missions for other local efforts. Our class follows an open format; there is typically a short Bible study lesson. The class has a yearly retreat and lots of get-togethers.

New Directions

Room 117

We are a group of open-minded adults who love God. We don’t always agree on everything, but we challenge each other and help each other to grow spiritually. We deal directly with social issues and current events, balancing those with biblical teaching. We sometimes use books, occasionally seasonal studies, and sometimes we are more freeform. But above all else, we share unconditional love, respect, and humor. We also have breakfast in class every week. 


Room 212

The Crossroads Class is open to adults seeking a deeper understanding of God’s will. Member volunteers facilitate Christian book studies that spur spiritual growth. A mission-minded class, Crossroads offers financial and hands-on support to many United Methodist ministries. Socially, the members support one another in good times and bad. All are welcome to join us for times of growth, ministry and fun.