Voices From The Pews

Since becoming a Christian, I’ve been disappointed in us as a church, but I know God is better than we make him seem. 

My gratitude for Jesus’s love and promise of eternal life leads to peace and greater faith.-Bet 

The resurrection of Jesus gives me that believing in him, I will have eternal life too. Because he arose from the dead, it gives me hope. He took on my sins so I could be forgiven and live eternally with God in heaven. 

My folks went through a messy church split while I was in high school. A school shop teacher helped unite my family. We then learned to worship and walk in the Spirit. 

Thanks to God for his watch and care for us every day. 

God blesses me. He guides me through challenging situations and decisions. He is always there. 

I grew up in a very conservative Christian household. I grew up going to church, AWANA, youth group, and mission trips. I don’t think it was until I met my now ex-husband and his family that I truly saw what it was like to live like Christ. 

God’s patience for me in my journey and his everlasting desire for me to be close to him.

I thank God every day for sending his son who set me free. My prayer is that I will live the life to show my love and thankfulness for God’s love. 

What the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to me:-He saves me from myself every day. 

-He taught/continues to teach me to love my neighbor. 

The resurrection has rejuvenated me and instilled in me a sense of purpose and a belief that I am worthy enough to follow him. 

I thank you God for saving my life every day. Love, Audrey Morrow 

God has helped me through my many illnesses and surgeries I have had to endure over the past few years. 

Testimony: Jesus was there, but the household I was in only saw the church as a place to drop off kids (me). 

I learned that the institution was only a small part. God gave his only son for me because he loved me. 

I want to show my love by loving as well here and scross the seas. (He has a HUGE love.) ~Brenda Carson 

I was once lost, but now I’m found. 

I trust in God because he sent his son to save me from my sins, and I will have eternal life. 

God delivered me from the bondage of addiction, and since has revealed himself as the source of love. “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Because of the resurrection, I find hope to deal with difficulties and challenges that come. I hope for a full and meaningful life. 

“Be still and know that I am God.”-Psalms 46:10In spite of the challenges in the world, in quiet time with my Lord, my hope is renewed!

I have been redeemed. 

I already made a book! What more do you want? (LOL) ~Cyndi

God has given me the beautiful Earth!

To treat others good, as Jesus taught us to do

There is peace within my soul when I seek God’s grace. 

I have personally seen and felt God’s faithfulness through trials, illness, loss, and blessing. The power of prayer is real, and the name of Jesus is all we need to stand on his truth and word.

God has been my truest friend and companion all my life, throughout struggles and life events. He is always holding me up. Promise of eternal life

Ever present helper


Amazing grace

Each member of the Trinity: God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has touched me at just the right time to lift me out of the fire. Sometimes, I feel the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

How the Resurrection has changed you?It has reminded me to walk with God every day.

Given me peace of mind and helped my anxiety. 

I have hope for this life and the next. 

Because he lives:-I have a calm and comforting voice in my ear.

-I have more loving words in my mouth. 

-I have a glorious hope for the future.

-I have a more loving heart. 

-I am part of the family of Christ. 

The Resurrection means I will see family again. 

Jesus’ resurrection taught me that even though this building (of mine) is leaning and sinking and my soul has got to move, I will have a safe place to be and land while alive and after death. ~Kathryn Black

God has given me many things. How to travel this road of life with hope. How to see others with all the good they have in them. How to help others. Also, there is a wonderful life after. I do praise the Lord. 

Sam Wright’s Testimony:What has the Lord done for me? 

He turned my life around on 8/15/2010. It is my sober date, and I haven’t had a drink since. With his grace and love, he saved my life and reaffirmed my everlasting faith. 

He loves me as I am, not as others think I should be, as I am. He also gives me winks. 

Because of Jesus’ Resurrection, I have hope and faith as he leads me through life and my resurrection.

I have felt the Lord’s presence with me through everything going on in my life. I could not have gone through all of this without the presence of the Lord in my life. He is always with me and guiding me. He is my salvation. 

For my path, my light, you are. Thanks to the blood that covered my faults and stood me back up to walk another day in the light. 

I am a testimony to God’s healing hand in my life. 

Christ is calling me to do more for his kingdom and church. Despite my resistence, he reveals his joy as I learn to follow him. 

Because of the resurrection, I have freedom from fear and the gifts of grace and hope. 

Gifts of the resurrection. Liberation from sin and shame. I am no longer bonded to my past or abuse. I do not fear being judged by others’ standards but by God’s. I know God loves and cherishes me as his child, not as my earthly father or mother. God saved me both physically from my violent past and spiritually from the abuse of others. This is too personal to share with anyone else. God has forgiven me of my sins. 

I believe in the resurrection because God has been with me through it all. I feel his presence with me all the time. 

Great is thy faithfulness. God, my Father. Morning by morning, new mercies, I see. All I have needed, thy hand hath provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.